About Us

Experience A New Kind of Comfort

For over years, we’ve developed high quality bedding products for retailers. With so much knowledge, experience and success in the waterproof manufacturing , we thought it was finally time to bring our high-quality products direct to your door step.

On our website Products we offer premium quality waterproof products from our own making that you can buy with full trust. We have everything from bedding essentials like mattress protectors  waterproof pillows with temperature regulating technologies. We had played a vital role in short time to get better in home textile industries. Our goal is to help you discover exactly what you need to finally achieve an amazing night's sleep.

Here at onethread, our purpose is to leave a positive legacy and support dreams. Our mission is to help people and businesses realize their dreams through innovation, quality, world class service and support. You can feel for yourself how we’re perfecting the art of sleep.