Grey Color 100% Waterproof Top Loaded Washing Machine Cover

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Customer Issues :
  • 1-  I m going to put my Washing Machine on Terrace / Roof ( Any Open Area )
    due to space constraints. I need to protect it from sun & rain. What should I do?
    2-  I have kept my Machine in Wash Room / Laundry, it is getting dirty & wet
    with water. How i can protect it ?

    Solution :

    Here Elitestore’ s Providing The Best Option To Protect Washing Machine.☑️

    Why You Should Must Buy A Machine Cover ??

    • If You’re Going To Be Keeping Your Washing Machine Outside, Washroom
      Or In Laundry, You Should Invest In a Waterproof Machine Cover.
    • Our Waterproof & Dust Proof Washing Machine Cover ‘ll Protect Your
      Expensive Machine From Dust, Sunlight, Scratches, Stains & More.
    • Machine Cover ‘ll Help To Prevent Loose Their Vibrating Colors Due
      To Dust & Dirt.
    • These Waterproof Machine Covers Avoids Moisture Getting Inside
      Washing Machine & Also Avoid Damage Expensive Parts Like Motor.

    Key Features :

    • Water Proof.
    • Heat Proof.
    • Dust Proof & Scratch Proof.
    • Wrinkle Free.
    • Washable & Removable.
    • Protect From Sun Light & UV Rays.
    • Comes With Zip On Top Side Which Makes It Easy To Use.
    • No Need To Remove The Cover During Wash.
    • Knitted & Reliable Stuff With 20 GSM Lamination Barrier.

      Sizes :

    • 6 To 16kg Machine Covers Are Available.
    • Size Chart Is Also Uploaded In Open Pics.
    • All Sizes Of All The Companies Are Available.
    • You Can Customize It Also According To Your Machine Size.

      Elitestore’ s Comittements:

    • Our Own Making With Jointless & Fresh Fabric.
    • 30 Days Refund & Exchange Policy.
    • Replacement Service Is Available.
    • You Can Open & Check The Parcel Before Payment.
      Note : ( To check the parcel, you must have to inform our Customer Support or Confirmation Department at the time of the confirmation of your order, so that we can mention a note and allow the courier to let you open the parcel.)